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Bixby BBQ & Blues Festival

May 16th – 18th – Earn High School Band Fee Credit
  • We will need adults and students. See the sign up: (A) = Adult shift (S) = Student shift. Incoming freshmen through current juniors are able to earn money toward your band account.
  • You can sign up for as many shifts as you would like.
  • Be sure to list your band student in the comment so we know whose account to credit. This festival is sponsored by the Bixby Rotary Club.
  • The amount earned is determined after the festival profits are tallied, but it in past years it has been around $9/hr.
  • If you have any questions please call Jennifer Pardue 601-416-9761.

Saturday, the 18th, percussion will have a concert at noon and the Band Banquet will be that evening, so please plan accordingly. The Rotary really counts on our support each year to make this a very successful event for them.

Please consider volunteering some time over this weekend. Sign Up Genius Link
  • Thursday night, one shift: 4:00-9:00
  • Friday night, one shift: 4:00-9:00
  • Saturday, three shifts: 8:00-12:30, 12:00-4:30, 4:00-9:00


All, please see the link below for signups for Drillers Baseball. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY WHEN SIGNING UP!!! Students 14 and over can work as well as family members and adults. Adults must have liquor licenses and food handlers permit.

Food handlers (volunteers classes free) can be found at

Liquor licenses (adults only – has associated fees) can be found at

Thanks again for your continued support!!

2024 SignUp Genius link

See below for more info.


Work in the concession stands during the Bixby football games and earn $8 an hour towards band fees. Key details are listed in the Sign Up. You must have a current food handler’s permit ( Money is credited to student band account(s) once a month.

*Please read the description on each sign up for full details and requirements (Adults Only).

Spring Gate Work:
Sign Up Genius link


All, please see the link below for signups for FC Tulsa Soccer. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY WHEN SIGNING UP!!! Thanks again for your continued support!!

Check back for more info.

BTOB 2023 Ad & Sponsorship Sales

September 8th Deadline
Our BTOB Ad and Sponsorship Sales Fundraiser for high school marching band and Color Guard students is from now until September 8th.

On October 7th, 2023, Bixby High School will host marching bands from Oklahoma and neighboring states to participate in a field show competition at the Bixby Tournament of Bands. This event is a great opportunity to raise money for our band AND your student’s account!

Students can sell ads for the BTOB Program Book and EARN 50% towards their individual band fees on all ads sold. Sponsorship sales benefit Bixby Bands only (not eligible for student account credit).

Fundraiser Overview (pdf)

Ad Info & Form (pdf)

Sponsorship Info & Form (pdf)


Rolls are made fresh here in Tulsa then frozen for delivery. They come with heat and serve directions and are delicious! Once we announce the exact date, make arrangements for prompt pick up to ensure best quality at delivery to your customers.

FORMS and MONEY are due in the band safe on January 22nd. Orders will be delivered to the band room mid February.

SALES PRICE is $30 per dozen cinnamon rolls.

Savoy Fundraiser Info

Savoy Sales Ad

Order Form

Holiday Greenery Fundraiser

This is for high school marching band and high school color guard.

Sale Dates: October 4th-October 18th

Forms and Money due in band safe: October 18th

Exact date of delivery is to be determined later and will be announced as soon as the company provides us a date. Hopefully it will be the week of November 27th or the week of December 4th. Students/parents may pick up orders from the band room.

Customers can write checks to Bixby Bands.

SALES PRICES (your student will need to write the prices on their order form)
Poinsettias: $15
20″ Wreath: $41 
24″ Wreath: $46
10 Ft Garland: $33 

PROFIT to student accounts
Poinsettias: $6.75 student profit
20″ Wreath: $7 student profit
24” Wreath: $7 student profit
10 Ft Garland: $10 student profit

Poinsettias Flyer
Poinsettia Order Form
Wreath & Garland Flyer
Wreath & Garland Order Form



Please note that participation in any fundraising event is done at your own risk. Bixby Band Parents is not liable for any injury or illness of any kind that you may incur as a result of working any volunteer fundraising or non-fundraising events. Families must choose for themselves whether they feel safe to work any fundraising or non-fundraising event opportunity.



Who can work Spartan concessions or Gate Work? All Bixby Band/Guard Parent Workers must have students actively participating in the 8th-12th grade program. Students can only work concessions if 14 or older, have a food handlers permit and not during marching season-event. Parents/Guardians can only work Gates (no students). To Note: BPS Gate Work funds are not applied to student accounts till end of season. Concession work is applied to student accounts once a month.

Food Handler Permit Required for Concession work| Click here to apply

Contact Concessions Coordinators | Concessions Contact: TBA



Contact BBPO Driller Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Allsop at 918-724-2528 with questions.

Current work opportunities | Click here

We are privileged to be able to fundraise by volunteering to work the events at OneOK Field: Driller’s baseball and FC Tulsa soccer games.


Who can work at ONEOK FIELD /Drillers Stadium? All Bixby Band/Guard Student/Parent Workers must be active participants in the 8th-12th grade program. Middle School students must have a parent working with them. Exceptions must be pre-approved by a Drillers Coordinator.



Arrive on time, stay for the required amount of time and behave appropriately. You should make every effort to provide adequate notification to the Drillers Coordinator (at least 24 hours prior to event report time) if you will not be able to fulfill your commitment. Follow-through on your commitment to work is vital. The following actions are unacceptable:

  • Being a no-show for a committed event Failing to provide adequate notification (24 hours), except in emergency situations
  • Exhibiting any behavior that may jeopardize Bixby Band’s reputation



  • Drillers/ FC Tulsa Solid white, polo-style, button up collared shirt (no designs, emblems or insignias on shirt).
  • Khaki, tan or black shorts (mid-thigh to knee length, no short shorts), pants or capris. No spandex, leggings, or athletic shorts allowed.
  • Closed toe shoes, non-slip shoes (no flip flops)
  • Drillers ball cap. If you do not have a Drillers ball cap, you may get one the first day you work at sign-in from Belinda S, the charge is $9 and is deducted from your Drillers/FCTulsa/ONEOKFIELD earnings.
  • Anyone with a hairstyle that is longer than shoulder length must be pulled back in a ponytail. The Drillers stand manager may ask you to pull your hair back if it is longer than chin length. Please be prepared to pull your hair back.
  • Special events will have dress code specified.



Food Handlers Permit-Required for all student workers. Please bring a copy of your permit to give to Belinda S. at sign-in at ONEOK Field.

Parents of minor volunteers (14 – 17 years old) must complete a Minor Indemnity and Release (link posted on SignUp Genius). Please give it to Belinda S. at sign-in at ONEOK Field.



  1. Food Handlers Permit-Required for all workers. Please bring a copy of your permit to give to Belinda S. at sign-in at ONEOK Field.
  2. All volunteers over 18 years old must have a liquor license. Please bring a copy of your license to give to Belinda S. at sign-in at ONEOK Field. Training for Serving Alcohol – Required for all Adult Workers. Online courses available, the fee varies on company and course. Approved course list at this link: Oklahoma ABLE Commission – Employee License Training Information. I did the ServeSafe course. It’s about 2 hours. Once completed you take the test and print off a card relating you passed.
  3. Obtain Liquor License – Required for all Adult Workers ~$35.00 Fee Apply Online Here | Oklahoma ABLE Licensure Service via Accela Citizens Access. Only fill in info with a * asterisk next to if. Link to Step by Step Instructions for Able Licensure: Click Here.
  4. Final Step-Verification After completing the requirements above, print the certificates and keep them with you anytime you work an event. You will not be allowed to work if you do not have a copy with you. E-mail a copy of your certificate to our BBPO Driller Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Allsop at [email protected].



Every person who works is required to have a Signup Genius account to sign up for Driller work slots. All notifications for when a signup goes live will be post on the BBPO FB Group Page, and links updated on the website at Fundraising Opportunities ⋆ Bixby Bands. BEFORE you sign up, please get out your calendar. By signing up for a game, you are committing to be there and to work where you are most needed as determined by our coordinators.

Directions and Parking: OneOK Field is located at 215 S Elgin, Tulsa OK. Please park in the OSU Tulsa parking lot on Elgin just west of OneOK Field.

Funds: We are under contract with Drillers for contributions to our program based on our volunteerism to work their events. Student accounts will be credited based agreed upon rate schedule determined by stand, day, time, shifts worked for each event. Each event may contribute different amounts to your account. Typically, ONEOK Field earnings are applied weekly to your band accounts. See your volunteer coordinator for specifics. For questions regarding your band account please contact [email protected].