The Pride of Bixby

2024-25 Bixby Bands Information & Registration for High School Band

The Bixby Band Program is the largest student organization in Bixby and is the instrumental music arm of our Bixby Fine Arts Department. The Bixby High School Band is made up of over 280 freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior instrumentalist and color guard performers. The most visible aspect of the BHS band is the award winning and nationally recognized “Pride of Bixby” marching band. Additionally, we have amazing opportunities for students throughout the year, including; 4 concert bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 winter guards, numerous chamber ensembles, all school musical pit orchestra, a drumline, and more.
  • All band students enroll in High School Band for the entire year.
  • The fall semester (S1) is when the Pride of Bixby (PoB) Marching Band meets first hour and before school. All students (brass/woodwind/percussion/guard) participate in the PoB.
  • The spring semester (S2) is when we split the marching band students into four concert ensembles (Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band/Concert Band 1/Concert Band 2).
  • No schedule changes are required for the switch to concert ensembles. They all meet during 1st hour.
  • Important! All band students must have a physical to participate in High School Marching Band. Please take advantage of the Bixby District Physical Night May 2nd info and registration available now. (Please wait until after May 1st for this to count for next year). More info is included under Marching Band Info & Registration (see below).
  • Important! All band students must register for the activities Drug Testing Pool. (Please wait until July for this to count for next year)

Please watch band communications via the Bixby Band Parent Organization on the SportsYou app and the private Bixby Band Parent Organization Facebook page. Please contact [email protected] with questions or to request join codes.


Step 1: Read the Bixby Bands Handbook of Policies – You will find the handbook at (Coming Soon).

Step 2: Cuttime Account

All students have been assigned a CutTime account. To pay via CutTime, search your text messages for “gocuttime” to find a link to your individual account. If you have any questions or a student new to the band program, please contact Katie Huse at [email protected].. This will allow you to keep track of financial obligations and fundraising credits associated with your child’s account.

Step 3: Pay Band Fees

Band fees and payment schedule can be found in the Handbook of Policies and at

Band fees will be reflected as an obligation in your student’s CutTime account. Fees must be paid in full by September 1st. If you need to make other payment arrangements, please email [email protected].

Step 4: OSSAA Physical Requirement

All marching band students (including color guard) are required to have a physical completed before the first day of full band camp. Please note, physicals must be performed after May 1st to be accepted for the upcoming school year.


  • Have your student attend the ALL-STUDENT PHYSICAL NIGHT through Bixby Sports Medicine on May 2, 2024. More information may be found here. Online registration is available.
  • Can’t remember if you already signed your kiddo up for a physical? Visit your MySchoolBucks account, click on your profile circle, and visit your order history.


  • Have your student’s physical done by a healthcare provider of your choice. 
  • If you have the physical done by your own healthcare provider, it has to be dated AFTER May 1st.
  • There are TWO forms that must be completed. Please print and bring the forms with you to the physical. The OSSAA EXAMINATION AND PARENTAL CONSENT FORM and the PRE-PARTICIPATION FORM can be found at
  • Have your student bring their OSSAA forms on their first day of band camp
    • Ms. Huse will be collecting forms. She will likely set up either just outside or just inside of the main entrance to the band building.
    • Please make sure the forms are complete. Physicals must be dated after May 1st and all areas completed, including signature lines on both forms.
    • Students who do not turn in the forms will not be allowed to participate in marching rehearsals. Attendance is still mandatory

Step 5: Purchase Drug Testing

All band students must purchase a drug test. Students will be randomly selected for testing during the year. Your child does not actually take the drug test at this time, but MUST purchase the test. Purchase the test at Drug Tests must be purchased for each school year. Purchase after June 1st for the purchase to be credited to the following school year. Not sure if you have already purchased a Drug Test? Visit your account at and view your order history.

Step 6: Complete Band Registration Forms

Registration forms – click here to complete the 2023-24 Band Registration Google form (Coming Soon).

REGISTRATION FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EVERY BAND STUDENT. If you have more than one child in band, please complete the form as many times as needed. To complete registration you will need:

  • your insurance card information
  • a list of your student’s medications
  • your student present to read through and agree to the Uniform Contract


  • The website is the hub of all things band.
  • Visit the calendar often to keep up with events dates and times.



  • View charges, payments, and credits.
  • See Step 2 above for account access.


sportsYou App

  • The bulk of our communications comes through the SportsYou App. 
  • All marching band parents and students should sign up for the sportsYou App.
  • Please contact a director or BBPO at [email protected] for a link to join.


Parent Facebook Group (Private)

  • This page is for HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND parents and students.
  • Join the Bixby Band Parent Organization Facebook page at
  • Please answer ALL of the membership questions. If they are not all answered completely, your request to join will not be approved.


Bixby Bands Facebook Page (Public)


Bixby Bands Instagram


Bixby Bands YouTube Channel

  • In the Fall semester (S1), all guard students must enroll in High School Band and participate in the PoB.
  • In the Spring Semester, color guard students may opt to enroll in 6th hour color guard class or take a different 1st hour choice. They are welcome to remain in 1st hour, second semester if they play an instrument!
  • For guard students that want the extra experience, they may enroll in the 6th hour guard class for the entire year.
  • The sixth hour guard class is highly encouraged for those wanting to participate in the Varsity Winter Guard.

We have some optional opportunities listed on our band calendar for our band students this summer. Check them out!

  • TU Summer Band Camp
  • OSU Summer Band Camp
  • Tulsa Low Brass Camp (Hosted at Bixby)
  • Tulsa Clarinet Camp (Hosted at Coweta)
  • Pride of Bixby Sectionals –– These will be director supervised but led by student leadership. Please see these dates and times in the Bixby Band Calendar. We ask that the students attend if they are in town.

We have some summer mandatory rehearsals listed in the band calendar that are required for all Pride of Bixby Members (Brass/Woodwind/Percussion and Colorguard)

  • Pride of Bixby Summer Band Camp (Band Camp runs from July 29th and goes until August 15th, Monday-Friday) All info for this can be found in the Bixby Band Calendar.
  • There are Colorguard and Percussion specific dates that are required for students. These dates can also be found in the Bixby Band Calendar.

Bixby Band FAQ

The PoB is made up of ALL 9-12 band students. All students participate as members of the PoB marching band. This includes all brass, woodwind, percussion, and colorguard students grades 9-12.
The PoB meets starting in late July band Camp (See Band Calendar for Dates) and runs until November 1st (end of marching season).
The PoB will play at all home games and some away games (pep bands). We go to local contests and one national contest in Indianapolis, IN. We march in parades and play at pep rallies.
Starting in November, we place students into concert ensembles. The PoB will still play at football games, but marching band rehearsals cease November 1st.
Lots!!! We have 2-3 concert performances with the concert ensembles and jazz ensembles. The Winter Guards have some competitions, and our students enjoy travel opportunities with various ensembles.
Yes, there are fees associated with membership, but those fees are utilized to give your student the best experience of their lives. We also have TONS of opportunities to earn money to pay for participation fees.

The Bixby Band Program has THE biggest parent organization at Bixby Public Schools. We have more opportunities than you can imagine to plug you in in any amount you feel comfortable. Here are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available to parents:

  • Bus Chaperone: We always need chaperones for football games, contests and overnight trips.
  • Uniform Washers: Keep our band looking sharp….this is a great way to serve if you have limited time availability.
  • Registered Volunteer Nurses: We always have at least one certified nurse on location for rehearsals, contests and trips…keeping our kids safe and healthy.
  • Prop Builders: Are you an engineer, craftsman, carpenter or just love building things? Maybe you just want to help paint? No experience necessary to join the prop crew.
  • Drillers Baseball Concessions: You and your kid can work the Tulsa Drillers concession stands and earn $50 or more per shift to be applied directly to band fees.
  • Bixby Football Concessions: As a parent you can earn $10 per hour for your student’s band account. Earnings are non-taxed! This is also a major fundraiser for the band program.
  • Bixby Athletic Gates: Parent can work gates for soccer, baseball, softball and basketball, earning $10 per hour to be applied directly to band fees. Earnings are non-taxed.
  • Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival: Parents and students can work shift at the festival. Earn $10 per hour for your student’s account to be applied directly to band fees. Earnings are non-taxed.
  • Bixby Tournament of Bands: Each year we host a band contest the first Saturday in October. We always need volunteers to help work the event.
  • Bixby Band Parent Organization: (BBPO) is a vital part of our Bixby Band Organization and they facilitate all of our parent volunteer opportunities. Please join their Facebook group for up to date information.