The 2018 Pride of Bixby





2018 Owasso Invitational Grand Champion and winner of High Visual, High General Effect, High Percussion, and Fan Favorite



The 2018 Pride of Bixby

Class 3A Renegade Review Champions and 2nd Place Overall also earning High Music, High Visual, High General Effect, and High Colorguard.



The Pride of Bixby




London’s New Years Day Parade 2019

Tulsa World Anouncement


Bixby Bands 1932

Bixby Bands would like to thank Shipman Photos for many beautiful photos on this site.

Pride of Bixby - Heresy - LIGHT SHOW

Have you ever seen a show like this!? We're thrilled to present our milti-cam video of Heresy from the encore event. Thank you to all who made this possible!Also a huge thank you to Dan Potter for our preshow announcement!

Posted by Bixby Bands on Tuesday, November 27, 2018


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