Bixby Bands Communication

Bixby Bands Primary Communication for Student and Parents Bixby Bands software for Email, Student/Parent Account billing and payments. All students have been assigned a CutTime account. To pay via CutTime, search your text messages for “gocuttime” to find a link to your individual account. If you have any questions or a student new to the band program, please contact Katie Huse at [email protected].

sportsYou App: Primary Text Communication Method for Bixby Bands for Directors to Students and Parents Primary Public Website to include the official H.S Band Calendar For Bixby Bands

(PRIVATE GROUP) Bixby Band Parent Organization Facebook Group: This group is for 9th-12th grade and 8th grade color guard Bixby Bands/Pride of Bixby parents and students (no extended family members). Members ask questions and share information related to high school band programs. Please answer all membership questions completely.

Bixby Bands Public Facebook Page or search for @BixbyBands is the public organization page which shares public current event info and photo’s.

Bixby Bands Public Instagram Feed or #BixbyBands is the public organization feed on Instagram which shares current event photos.

Bixby Bands Public YouTube Channel is the public organization YouTube Channel for Bixby Band Public Videos.