Please Note you must be up to date on your B.E.S.T Training for volunteering with the band and Food Handlers License if volunteering in concessions.

2018-2019 BBPO Board and Committee Members. Nominations will run until Wednesday, 2/7/18

Happy 2018! It’s time to start preparing for the 2018-2019 band season. It is going to be an amazing year! We hope to see you all there, and look forward to making new friends. We are a mere 353 days from heading to London! We are going to need lots of parents to step up and help our amazing students this next year.
It is time to start taking nominations for our 2018-2019 Board and Committee Members. Nominations will run from today until Wednesday, 2/7/18. All board and committee positions are available. If you currently hold a position, and would like to continue in that role or move to a different role for next year, please let me know ASAP. Please message me with your nomination, interest, questions as soon as possible, so I can get these very important roles filled prior to our Mandatory Spring Parent Meetings. This year we will offer two options for the mandatory meeting, Friday 2/9/18 from 7-8pm and Sunday 2/11/18 from 3-4 pm to accommodate as many people as possible. These are very important and informative meetings, especially with such a busy year ahead. We will be voting in nominees at those meetings.


Positions are as follows: PDF Download

` President: 1. Provide leadership training and troubleshooting for other members. 2. Secure applications for nominees for positions. 3. Liaison and coordination/communication with Directors. 4. Call meetings, develop agenda, and conduct monthly BBPO meetings 5. Determine quorum exists at BBPO meetings during votes. 6. Support all major events.

Vice President: 1. Maintain list of authorized activities qualifying for volunteer hours. 2. Track volunteer hours. 3. Assist/support all events. 4. Liaison between President and individual committees. 5. Conduct meetings in President’s absence.

Vice President of Uniform and Band Management 1. Coordinate and manage uniform washing crew. 2. Maintain uniform inventory. 3. Schedule and perform uniform fittings for high school and in coming freshman. 4. Purchasing of shoes and other band needs such as travel shirts, practice shirts, black towels, band bags, garment bags, show shirts, gloves, aprons, jackets, etc. 5. Obtain and maintain uniform contracts and medical forms. 6. Obtain PO’s for all purchases. 7. Turn in receipts promptly. 8. Maintain shakos, hat wraps, and plumes. 9. Troubleshoot band needs. 10. Assist students with band camp, football games, parades and contests. 11. First aid/OTC med distribution. 12. Maintain volunteer hours. 13. Assist Directors and Staff with any band needs. 14. Maintain uniform store with timely posting of store charges. 15. Loading and unloading of all uniform items onto trailer for contests.

Vice President of Fundraising: 1. Ensure fundraising and cash management rules are followed. 2. Design and select vendors and fundraising programs with approval of the Director. 3. Principal contact for fundraising items. 4. Create fundraising events calendar. 5. Provide accounting to Treasurer. 6. Oversee events. 7. Assist with budgeting for annual plan with board. 8. Record volunteer hours. 9. Organize spirit wear orders. 10. Organize Pasta Dinner/Ensemble Dinner Fundraiser 11. BTOB ad sales 12. Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival
Vice President of Marketing and Development: 1. Coordination of corporate sponsors and marketing efforts. 2. Develop materials to assist with solicitation of sponsorships. 3. Maintain list of all existing sponsorships with start and expiration dates, as well as contact lists. 4. Program ad sales for BTOB, website listings, in game announcements, complimentary tickets to events for sponsors. 5. Track volunteer hours.

Vice President of Concessions: 1. Direct and supervise concession functions. 2. Recruit, train, and schedule stand managers for all events. 3. Provide periodic oversight during events. 4. Coordinate all purchasing and inventory. 5. Ensure approval for purchasing and required PO’s are completed before purchase. 6. Ensure receipts are turned in promptly.
7. Ensure volunteer hours are tracked. 8. Manage food handler permits. 9. Maintain concession stand policies and procedures. 10. Reinforce health and safety guidelines.

Vice President of Operations: 1. Contest site coordinator. 2. Build and maintain equipment and props. 3. Loading and unloading. 4. On and off field management. 5. Maintain volunteer hours.

Vice President of Communications/Secretary: 1. Provide media with press releases with director approval. 2. Prepare ads for community outreach. 3. Maintain minutes at BBPO meetings and distribute/upload to website after approval by President. 4. Communications via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Remind. 5. Manage FaceBook BBPO member approvals.

Parent Account Treasurer: 1. Track and manage band expenses. 2. Obtain PO’s.

Student Account Treasurer: 1. Track and manage student accounts. 2. Obtain PO’s

. Guard Account Treasurer 1. Track and manage student accounts. 2. Obtain PO’s.

London Account Treasurer 1. Track and manage London accounts 2. Manage London PO

Class Vice Presidents (8,9,10,11,12th grades) 1. Maintain class roster. 2. Liaison between BBPO and class parents. 3. Distribute information via email. 4. Answer questions and direct concerns to board members. 5. Duties as required by President.

Chaperone Chair: 1. Coordinate volunteers for games, contests, and events. 2. Coordination and assignment of buses. 3. Trip hotel room assignments. 4. Maintain volunteer hours.

Trailer/Transportation Chair: 1. Maintain permits, inspections, charging trailer battery. 2. Assist with loading and unloading. 3. Driving semi.

Performance Support Chair and Co Chair: 1. Obtain PO’s for all purchases. 2. Turn in receipts promptly. 3. Provide food and snacks for band as designated by director. 4. Serve and clean up meals. 5. Maintain volunteer hours.

Water Brigade Chair and Co Chair: 1. Maintain water trailer. 2. Haul trailer to games and events. 3. Fill water coolers 4. Maintain water donations and storage of water. 5. Maintain volunteer hours.

BTOB Chair: 1. Oversee BTOB. 2. Recruit, track, and manage volunteers for parking, concessions, cleaning, band hosts, judges, hospitality, t shirts, and all things BTOB.

Concession Volunteer Coordinator: 1. Maintain and posts volunteer needs on Sign up Genius.

Concession Co-Managers x4: 1. Oversee running of concession stands. 2. Carry out duties as needed by concession Vice President.

Concession Purchasing: 1. Maintaining inventory for concession stands. Webmaster

Webmaster: 1. Maintenance of  –  continuing Chandria Meyer

:Please contact for further information.