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Other Payment Options: 

You may make a band payment in Cuttime via your Students Cuttime Account. General Band Support or Student Account Payments may also be placed in the Band Safe in the High School Band Room or mailed to the address below.
•Please make Checks payable to Bixby Bands.
•Please make sure the students name is listed on the check.
•Personal Checks/ Money Orders, Student Donation Checks or General Donation Checks may be mailed to:
Bixby Bands
PO Box 725
Bixby, OK 74008
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Students you already have CUTTIME accounts created, please follow the CUTTIME instructions sent to your BPS k12 email accounts.  Parents after your student has read and finished their password set up via their BPS k12 email, Please read that same email and set up your Parent Cut-Time Account.

•Make sure to Answer the demographic questions plus cell/mobile providers. Such as AT&T-Verizon etc. to receive text via CUTTIME

•Make sure to check your SPAM folder for your confirmation email if you do not see it initially.

For questions regarding CUTTIME setup please contact Carrie Cooper at

Any other concerns need to be directly related to Mr. Jeremy Parker -Director of Bixby Bands at


Winter Guard Fees – click here

New Marching Members

•Band Jacket $36

•Marching Shoes $39

•Gloves (6 pairs-White) $14

•Travel Shirt (Blue) $35

•Competition Undergarments $25

•Show shirt/BTOB/Practice T’s $28

•Travel Bag $32

•Garment Bag $15

•Uniform Bibs $65

•Uniform Cleaning/Supplies $10

•Materials and Maintenance $150

•Commissary(food for all events) $100

•BOA trip $450

New Member Fees $999

Returning Marching Member Fees

•Marching Shoes $39

•Gloves (6 pairs- White) $14

•Show Shirt $12

•Uniform Cleaning Supplies $10

•Material and Maintenance $150

•Commissary (food for all events) $100

•BOA trip $450

Returning Member Fees $775

Additional Fees Marching Members

•Black Towel $5

•Large Black Towel (Sousaphones) $15

•Black Practice Gloves $4

•Stick Fee (percussion only) $80

New Member Guard

•Travel Shirt $35

•Travel Bag $32

•Garment Bag $15

•Show shirt/BTOB/Red practice T $28

•Guard shirt $8

•Warm up sets $95

•Show costume $180

•Dance shoes $25

•Commissary (Food for all events) $100

•Materials and maintenance Fees $150

•BOA trip $450

New Member Guard Fees $1118

Returning Guard Member Fees

•Show shirt $12

•Garment Bag $15

•Show costume $180

•Dance shoes $25

•Commissary (Food for all events) $100

•Materials and Maintenance Fee $150

•BOA trip $450

Returning Member Guard Fees $932

***Fees can be reduced working in the football concession stands***

***Guard Members may be required to purchase weapons or other equipment such as gloves and compression garments***

***There will be NO BAND REFUNDS to any student dropping enrollment***

Band Fees and Fee Schedule 2019 – 2020
  • New and Returning Band Fee Payment -$333
  • New Guard Member Fee- $373
  • Returning Guard Member-$373
  • New Member Band Fee Payment-$333
  • Returning Member Fee-$333
  • New Guard Member Fee-$373
  • Returning Guard Member-$373
  • New Member Band Payment Fee-$333
  • Returning Band Member- $109
  • New Guard Member Fee-$372
  • Returning Guard Member-$186