Bixby Bands Communication Breakdown and Public Social Media Links

Bixby Bands Primary Communication for Student and Parents Bixby Bands software for Email, Student/Parent Account billing and payments. 

Band App: Primary Text Communication Method for Bixby Bands for Directors to Students and Parents Primary Public Website to include the official H.S Band Calendar For Bixby Bands

Bixby Bands Public Social Media Links

** (PRIVATE GROUP) Bixby Band Parent Organization Facebook Group : For Parents and Students of 8th-12th Bixby Band Families. Currently prior Alumni and Alumni Parents and occasional sponsors are also involved. This is a group for students and parents to share photos of band events with other parents and ask questions not available in the primary communications or as emergency communication if needed. Please send a join request and answer questions.  Any issues or concerns need to be addressed with Directors via email or directly.

Bixby Bands Public Facebook Page or search for @BixbyBands is the public organization page which shares public current event info and photo’s.

Bixby Bands Public Instagram Feed or #BixbyBands is the public organization feed on Instagram which shares current event photos.

Bixby Bands Public You Tube Channel is the public organization YouTube Channel for Bixby Band Public Videos.