Bixby Bands Communication Breakdown and Public Social Media Links

Bixby Bands Primary Communication for Student and Parents Primary Public Website to include the official H.S Band Calendar For Bixby Bands !

REMIND/REMIND 101’s: Primary Text Communication Method for Bixby Bands for Directors to Students and Parents

CUTTIME: Bixby Bands Mobile Organization Tool for Email, Student/Parent Account Information. 

Bixby Band Parent Organization Facebook Group ( Private ): For Parents and Students Only. Please send a join request.

Bixby Bands Public Social Media Links

Bixby Bands Facebook Page is the public organization page which shares public current event info and photo’s.

Bixby Bands Instagram Feed is the public organization feed on Instagram which shares current event photos.

Bixby Bands You Tube Channel is the public organization You Tube Channel for Bixby Band Public Videos.