2018-2019 Bixby Band Parent Organization Board Members

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President: Tracy Rubis

Vice President: Dawn Glimp

Secretary: Rebecca Eckert

Student Account Treasurer: Carrie Cooper

Parent Account Treasurer: Renee Huffaker

Guard Account Treasurer: Tracy Jackson

London Account Treasurer: Danny Ball

PO Treasurer: Kim Kirk

VP Marketing and Development:

Fundraising and Spiritwear: Katie Naugle, Jennie Knight, Jennifer Sanders-Musick,Monica Bein

Senior Class VP: Lisa Michael

Senior Banquet:

Junior Class VP: Cathy Peters

Sophomore Class VP: Brandi Short

Freshman Class VP: Kim Kirk

Middle School VP: Traci Jones

VP Concessions: Cassie Mitchell

Chaperones: Sherry Frable and Melonie Tanksley

Equipment /Operations: Jeff Beach

Trailer/Transportation: Steve Plumlee

Performance Support: Cathy Peters , Kristen King and Delana McManus

Water Brigade:

Uniform: Tracy Rubis and Dawn Glimp

BTOB: Mia Iden and Renee Huffaker

Concessions Volunteer Coordinator: Linda Eldridge

Concessions Purchasing: Jennifer Pardue

Concession Co-Managers: Tracy Jackson, Al Newton, Jennifer Perdue, Traci Jones, Lisa Michael

Webmaster: Chandria Meyer

*CUTTIME: Tracy Rubis , Carrie Cooper, Chandria Meyer, Tracy Jackson


Please contact bixby.bandsinfo@gmail.com for further BBPO info and contacts or contact the Bixby Band Parent Facebook Page for info.