2019-2020 Bixby Band Parent Organization Board and Committee Nominees 

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  • President: Mia Iden
  • VPresident: Dawn Glimp
  • VPresident Communications/Secretary: Chandria Meyer
  • VPresident/Co-chair Uniform and Band Management: Dawn Glimp, Michele Walker
  • VPresident Guard Uniform Management: Karen Cable
  • VPresident/Co-chair Fundraising: Katie Naugle, Traci Jones, Monica Bein
  • VPresident/Co-chair Marketing and Development: Derek Meyer, Chandria Meyer
  • VPresident Concessions: Jennifer Pardue
  • VPresident/Co-chair Operations (Props): Russell Prentice, Derek Meyer, Mark Eldridge, Joe Tanksley, Kevin Huffaker
  • PO Account Manager: Kim Kirk
  • Parent Account Treasurer/Co-chair: Renee Huffaker, Danny Ball
  • Student Account Treasurer: Carrie Cooper (Shadow: Karen Cable)
  • Class VPresident:   8th  – Chassity Williams     9th  – Traci Jones   10th  – Kim Kirk  11th  – Brandi Short  12th  – Cathy Peters
  • Chaperone VPresident/Co-chair: Melanie Tanksley, Tracy Jackson, Kathryn Plumlee
  • Trailer/Transportation Chair: Steve Plumlee
  • Performance Support Chair and Co-chair: Cathy Peters, Delana McManus, Cheryl Cowan, Ali Radford, Lindsay McSperritt, Mary Bauer, Kim Kirk, Rebecca Ferrell.
  • Water Brigade VPresident/Co-chair: Russ Iden, Mia Iden
  • BTOB Chair and Co-chair: Holly Turvey, Karen Cable
  • Concession Volunteer and Gate Coordinator:  Concession-JT Davis, Gates- Holly Turvey
  • Concession C0-Managers: Elizabeth Rogers, Stacy Hula, Tracy Jackson, Traci Jones
  • Concession Purchasing Chair: Jennifer Pardue
  • Webmaster: Chandria Meyer
  • Band Nurse : Ali Radford, Dana Greer

Please contact bixby.bandsinfo@gmail.com for further BBPO info and contacts or contact the Bixby Band Parent Facebook Page for info.